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The latest issue of the Flute Colors magazine: September, 2019


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Magazine year subscription
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The Flute Colors Magazine gives you:

1. Ten months of inspiration right into your mailbox
2. Every month three new, ready to use study schedules
3. Study by subject or work on all flute disciplines
4. Every month at least four new arrangements
5. Study material for yourself and/or for your students
6. Fresh, new way of studying
7. Perfect addition to your conventional studying
8. Be the first to read the newest blog
9. Think out of the box and get more out of your flute playing

What people say about Flute Colors:

The most important result for me is that I've learned many techniques that I'm using in my daily warming up routines. Tone, articulation and resperation have improved significantly.

Reinout van Brakel, amateur flutist

Extended techniques are inseperably connected to the 'common' flute playing. From a different perspective and that's very refreshing!

Betty Lievense, amateur flutist


Flute Colors helps to develop sound and technique wrapped in modern (pop)songs but also in classic material!

Elisah Schwarz van Noorloos, flutist and flute teacher


Great ideas, great teaching material, very clear instructions. Thank you, Rogier, for doing such an amazing job!

Yulia Berry, flutist, flute teacher and founder of Web Flute Academy. Boston USA


About Rogier

Rogier de Pijper teaches flutists in an accessible way how to obtain more control over the instrument by using extended tecnhiques. He performs as a flute soloist, organises workshops all over the world and is the author of bestseller FLUTE COLORS.