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What about four new pieces with extended techniques in your mailbox every month? For only € 35 more you'll get the book, the study guide and a year subscription for the magazine!

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  • Flute Colors magazine, Single magazine € 6,75. Now 10 magazines per year for€ 45,00! per year. Wth at least four new pieces per edition. Every month new study schedules and you're the first to read the newest blog.
  • Flute Colors book, € 19,95: paperback book with 112 exercises. For you to make annotations, and it sits beautifully on your music stand 🙂
  • Flute Colors study guide, € 8,00: paperback book with study schedules divided into the following subjects: warming-up, tone, technique and dynamics, articulation, intonation and co-ordination.

BUNDLE DEAL: € 95,45 € 55,00

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